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Summer Leagues & Weekly Activities

Golf "League" - Tuesdays

Up to 8 participants each week are reserved 2 weeks in advance, but more can likely be accommodated. If interested, we can create a golf interest group on this website to keep you informed.

To be added to the Golf Special Interest Group, send an email to:

Member cost: Depends on course, and whether you have some sort of discount card (resident, senior, etc).

Play at various Milwaukee County courses such as Whitnall, Grant, Lincoln, Oakwood and Currie.

Play starts May 2nd thru end of August - Play as many as you want. If you have questions, our golf leader is Joanne ("Joie") Scheuer,

Tee times begin at approx 5:20 PM; dependent on sunset time.

After golf our group heads to a nearby pub for drinks and food.

Signup deadline for May 2nd round is April 24, 2017.

Golf League Schedule - 2017

Golf Schedule.tentative. 2017.pdf

How it works: (This is different from past years where we asked participants to sign up and pay in advance) 

As of now we don't have enough people for a league, so I have made up a tentative schedule and will reserve Tee times 2 weeks in advance (earliest possible to make arrangements).

We will need to pay at the course so please plan extra time to check in and pay. This will be an advantage as you will be able to use your county card if you have one (or want to get one) as you get points and discounts especially. if it's a senior card.

 I made reservations for 8 to start (so far 5 confirmed as regulars),  and I will change it closer to the date if not all filled. If we start getting more, I will start adding more when I make the tee times. I thought I'd start with a short course so we can make sure and finish before it starts getting dark (and assuming it may be the first time for some people). Hope no one minds, I started all Tee times at 5:20. and 2nd 5:28pm. Please let me know if people can make it earlier or need later but that is the time it has been in the past. Greenfield dates are starred to remind me to keep it there to be close for participating Board Members to make their monthly meetings in New Berlin.

 Any other requests or recommendations are welcome, we can always change it. I thought we'd try some new places.

Volleyball - Wednesday Nights

Format: Coed, open volleyball but we do enforce certain rules that encourages safety and exciting play

Rainbow Park: 117th and Washington Ave., a couple blocks north of Greenfield Ave.

Setup starts around 6:15 PM

Cost: 25 cents members, 50 cents non members to cover cost of repairs and equipment.

Biking Enthusiasts Rides

Monday evenings starting around 6 PM at a variety of locations in the Pewaukee and Holy Hill areas.

Rides are generally 15 to 25 miles at your own pace.

There is a special interest group on that announces where the group will meet up.

No fees are charged.

Biking Leisure Rides

Wednesday evenings starting around 6 PM from Greenfield Park

Rides are generally 10 to 20 miles at a more relaxing pace.

For more details, see our events page or the newsletter during biking season (May through Sept)

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