More Than a Ski Club


Biking Enthusiasts Rides

May 22 - Sept. 25 - 6:00 pm

Come and JOIN IN THE FUN of Biking on Wednesday nights. We will meet just before 6:00 pm and START AT 6:00 pm from Greenfield Park (parking lot just off of 124th and Lincoln) and bike either North or South or East or West on the Oak Leaf Trail/New Berlin Trail/Henry Aaron Trail: (usually to Whitnall Park, Elm Grove, Waukesha or Miller Park and return.) 


Questions: Contact John Graff



Golf will start June 4.  We will be playing Tuesday afternoons and will try for around a 5:00 starting tee time. We don't have enough for a league so we will go week to week and pay as you play.  Reservations will be made two weeks prior to play.  Let me know if you want to be on the email list.  I will send out a reminder two to three weeks prior to play with a request for confirmation of who is playing on that date. I will then email back to confirm the times and course that I was able to get.  

Cancellations can be made any time prior to the date of play, if needed.  Late additions MAY be possible but difficult to make as they are dependent on availability.

Please email:  Name, area of town you live/work that you will be coming from and earliest time you can make it.


Jean Howland; 262-424-2503


All skill levels are welcome. We usually play on Thursdays at the Greendale Community Center or Greendale High School at 6 pm. 

Please contact Carolyn Murphy at or 414-559-6335 if you are interested and she will add you to the list!

Co-ed Volleyball

Every Wednesday Night Through August

Rainbow Park   6:30 PM

(2 blocks north of Greenfield on 116th Street)

All skill levels are welcome!!

We will be playing off Washington & 116th St., just a few blocks north of Greenfield Park. (We may adjust the location for a few weeks to Greenfield Park if the traveling Beer tour is there, and the grass is cut as well as dry.) We set up one net, so rotating in sometimes can’t be avoided. We play until you can’t see the ball anymore. Nominal fee (25 cents members and 50 cents nonmembers) to help over equipment maintenance, etc. We go to a close-by bar afterwards for food and drinks. 

Contact: Megan Reilly 414-617-1995.

Weather- Remember, just because it's raining by you, doesn't mean it's raining at VB. Check weather on your phone or call Megan. 

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