More Than a Ski Club

In December we will be forming a Nominating/Election Committee. If interested please contact president@sitzmark .org

Our Club is a volunteer organization. It would not exist if it were not for the help of those who serve on the Board of Directors – Officers and Directors. Elections will be held at the April membership meeting.

Who is eligible to run? Officer candidates must be a member in good standing for greater than one year. Candidates for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are one-year terms; the Director positions are two-year terms. To run for a Directorship, you need to be a member in good standing. Each Director discusses with the new President their preferred position, and assignments are based on these discussions as well as an individual’s experience. Board members are to attend monthly Board and membership meetings.

2020 Election Bios

Board Positions 

President: Preside over Board and membership meetings, appoint committees as needed and represent the Club at various activities and associations. Serve as ex oficio on any committee but not the Nomnating/Election Committee. 

Vice-President: Succeed President if necessary, preside over meetings in the absence of the President. Sell club merchandise items at club meetings and provide items to trips leaders to sell on trips. Select new items for the Club store and maintain inventory of Club equipment. 

Secretary: Record minutes from monthly Board meetings and complete official correspondence not related to specific Directors.

Treasurer: Keep Club books, make deposits and disbursements as approved by Directors. Report monthly and year-end financial status to the Board and chair audit committee and files required federal and state tax returns. 

Meetings and Entertainment: Coordinate selection of meeting locations for the Club, contract bands and/or DJs, speakers for meetings. Recruit members to greet and sign in members and guests at the meetings. Chair the End of Year Party committee. 

Membership: Recruit new members, enter and maintain membership records using the Club website database. 

Newsletter: Editor of the newsletter, solicit articles, design and create monthly newsletter. Distribute the newsletter to members using the website and Facebook. As needed, print and mail newsletter to members. 

Social Media Manage Sitzmark facebook page and postings. Keep the website current and up to date.

Promotions: Distribute the Club brochures to ski, sports, and other retail outlets. Promote the Club and its events via social media. Coordinate booths at ski and sports shows to promote the Club and recruit new members. 

Race and Sports: Coordinate the race team with MMSC. Oversee sports leagues such as softball, tennis, volleyball, and golf. 

Social Events: Organize and plan a variety of events for the social calendar, such as meetups for after-work, birthdays of the month, Packer parties, camping, including making reservations, posting the events on the club's website and recruiting members to be hosts.

Western Ski Trips: Organize non-Midwest trips, including reservations and pricing. Handle all payments in trip sign-ups using Club website database. Solicit and work with trip leaders.  

Northern Ski Trips: Organize Midwest trips, including reservations and pricing. Handle all payments in trip sign-ups using Club website database. Solicit and work with trip leaders. 

Elections will be held at the April membership meeting. Waukesha Elks Club, 2301 Springdale Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186 

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