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November Auction & Toga Night

  • 08 Nov 2013
  • 7:00 PM
  • Cali's at the Midway Hotel Banquet Rooms

Annual Charity Auction

& Toga Night


November 8, 2013



PLAN ON ATTENDING - let’s keep in mind that the real prize here is the money we donate to the well deserved and needed charities; without your attendance it won’t happen. 100% raised this night, including the entry fee – is donated. These organizations are so appreciative – and the participants are especially grateful. If you can’t attend, maybe mail in a check – but of course we’d rather have you in person.


DONATE -we are still looking for items to be donated for the auction. Do you frequent favorite places, get involved and ask for a donation. Have a service you would like to donate or a new or like new item you would like to donate?


PLEASE COME ready to bid, ready to purchase! Christmas will be around the corner or your first ski trip of the year.


GET INVOLVED - its takes lots of volunteers to pull this off. 


Contact me if you are interested in helping out the night of the auction.

Dawn Petermann 414-315-5100 or


Auction theme will be a Toga Party

Toga parties are a kind of costume party in which party goers wear sandals and a toga (or more frequently a makeshift toga from a large sheet or bed covering). Toga parties were made popular by the 1978 film "Animal House" and continue to increase in popularity in Canada and the United States, with the rest of the world not catching on to the fad.


Costume Contest - Who is the most realistic? The funniest? The most daring? Best accessorizing? etc. Remember the cardinal rule of the toga is that no t-shirt or other clothing should show underneath it.


**How to Make a Toga** Take 4-5 yards of fabric (it doesn’t have to be white…let your true personality shine through!) Wrap it 1.5 times around your waist. Throw the rest over your shoulder. Cinch the fabric at the waist if needed.


A few of the auction items

We still need more please donate!!!

Lift Tickets from various ski hills, T-Shirts, home made bread and cookies, home made candles, Camel Backs (holds liquid), Gift Baskets, Gift Certificates, jewelry, touring lantern, jacket, shirts, hats, leather wine bottle holder and much more!!!



Guests Welcome

Cost: Members $5

Guests $7

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