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Warren Miller Movie October 22

  • 22 Oct 2011
  • Pabst Theater

Announcing Warren Miller Entertainment's 62nd Film . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow

The pressure's off. No one's watching. It's just you, your boards, and the mountain. The weather has broken and the snow is untracked. The only sound is that of your breath crystalizing in the winter air. There's only one place to go, but there's an infinite number of ways to get there. Adjust your gear, take a deep breath, and . . . like there’s no tomorrow.

For the sixty second year in a row, Warren Miller Entertainment brings you to this moment, and each moment that follows, from peaks as far flung as India and as nearby as New Hampshire. The common themes are snow, steeps, and the skiers and snowboarders who throw themselves into both with an abandon that amazes and inspires us all.

. . . Like There’s No Tomorrow is a celebration of these moments, the ones that make up the winter for people who live for it. Join Chris Davenport, Daron Rahlves, Colby West, Andy Mahre, Seth Wescott, Julia Mancuso, and more as they drop into the runs we see in our dreams as we wait for the seasons to change.

Hosted by Jonny Moseley and shot on location in Colorado, Utah, California, New Zealand, Chile, Alaska and British Columbia, . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow is your annual reminder that Winter is on its way and, with it, months of an adrenaline-fueled dance with gravity. Welcome it with everything you've got, because there's always a tomorrow, but only so many dawn with fresh snow. So what are you waiting for? Drop in ...

Pabst Theater, 144 East Wells Street

Purchase advance tickets at Laacke & Joys

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