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Welcome to racing! Our schedule is below. At each date or race day, we will have two races.  The giant slalom (GS) is similar to a Nastar course where the gates are fairly far apart. With the slalom (S), the gates are closer together. If the Alpine Valley race is canceled, the Jan 5th races will be GS’s and the Jan 12th races will be slaloms. Be ready to inspect the course at least a half an hour before the race starts. Racers will be allowed on the hill before the lifts open if necessary. When you get to the hill, there will be a check in area. You will get a bib to use. Keep it because we will use it for several years. (If you ever decide to quit racing, we ask that you give it back) Anyways, circle your number, so we know who is here. They will tell you where to get your discounted lift ticket.

New racers will basically be put in a class by themselves until we have determined what class they belong in.  Once in a class, you will get any awards you earned before you entered that class. Weekly awards are given for 1st - 3rd place in the bar area after the race. End of the Year awards are given to at least half of the people in your group.  If there are 7-8 people in your group, there will be and End of the Year trophy for 1st through 4th place. For the End of the Year award, we look at your top 6 races. At least 2 need to be in GS and at least 2 in Slalom. So if you finished the year with 6 first places in GS and 6 fifth places in slalom, we would take 4 first places and 2 fifth places.  First place is worth 25 points, 2nd place is 22 points, 3rd place is 20 points, and so on.



Alpine Valley   Sat. 12/14 GS/GS  10am

Sunburst         Sun. 1/5 S/S         10:30am (GS/GS if AV is canceled)

Sunburst         Sun. 1/12 GS/GS    10:30am (S/S if AV is canceled)

Holy Hill          Sat. 1/18 S/S          10am

Little Switz,     Sun. 1/26 S/S          10am

Holy Hill          Sat. 2/1 GS/GS     10am

Sunburst         Sun. 2/16 S/GS         10:30 am

To sign-up, please do the following:

  1. Complete the liability waiver on the MMSC website

  2. Complete the volunteer form on the MMSC webside

  3. Mail the forms and a check made out to Sitzmark Ski Club for $25 (the club is covering 1/2 your individual racer fee) to:

Carolyn Murphy; 8715 Glenwood Drive; Greendale, WI  53129

If you would like me to email you the forms, just let me know. Please try to have everything turned in by Thanksgiving!!!  The sooner the better :)

If you missed the banquet last year and earned an award, I will have them at Alpine Valley. Racers were also regrouped. Classes 2 and 3 basically merged and most people moved up a class, which made class 8 smaller.  

Practices will continue to be at Little Switzerland on Wednesdays and Sunburst on Fridays.  There are some exceptions so check the website/emails for updates. Al will send out emails when our first practice will be.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email me.

Think snow!

Carolyn Murphy


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